Class Attendance: Students are responsible for the material presented in class including lectures, discussions, handouts, websites, etc. Attendance is necessary to pass the class. Students are responsible for finding out what was discussed in class if they were absent.

      Quizzes: There will be 13 quizzes worth 25 points each. Each quiz will cover one unit of material. The final exam is simply one more unit quiz and is not cumulative. The lowest quiz score will be dropped. There will be a final Map Quiz over all of the countries from our lists. This final Map Quiz will be worth 50 points.

      Maps: Each unit of the course has a set of black and white maps that need to labeled and colored in by hand. The items to be labeled are listed on the course website within each unit (Map Info). Maps need to be turned in at the beginning of class on the same day as the Quiz. For instance, the maps for the Middle East would be turned in at the beginning of class on the same day as Quiz #2 (September 13, 2006). A map set that is colored and labeled correctly is worth 10 points. Again, the lowest score of the semester will be dropped.

      Essay Response: Three times during the semester, you will be asked to write a response to an essay question. You will have one week to complete each response. There will be three essay questions during the semester and they will each be worth 10 points.

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