World Regional Geography is a course that is intended to acquaint the students with the cultural and natural environments in which we live. The course is multi-faceted with a variety of different topics introduced, including landforms of various regions, religions and languages of the people, basic history and its effects today, current events and regional points of interest.

The best way to learn about different cultures of the world is to travel and live in different countries for extended periods of time. Few of us have the time (or money) to do this. Therefore, we study World Regional Geography and try to understand what it is like to live in India, China, Russia (etc.) on a day-to-day basis.

      - How do the people think?

      - What language do they speak? Why?

      - What is their religion? Why?

      - What is their climate like? Why?

      - Do they live in the mountains, on a flood plain or near a volcano?

      - Do they live near rich oil deposits?

      - What sort of political system do they have?

      - What current events have had the greatest impact on these people?

      - How does all of this affect us in Michigan?

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