Class Attendance: This is an internet course! Sleep in if you want. It's all on your computer. However, Exams and Map Quizzes must be taken on campus at SC4 or at another Michigan Community College if you are registered through them (or in Iraq).

      Map Quizzes: There will be 3 map quizzes worth 50 to 60 points each (total = 160 points). Each map quiz will correspond to a different portion of the course. You will need to locate a specified number of locations on a blank map.

      Exams: There will be three exams worth 70 points each. Each exam will cover about 1/3 of the course material. The final exam is not cumulative.

      Discussions/Journal: I would like to receive at least 15 journal entries during this course describing life in Iraq with an attempt to relate your experiences to the region being discussed at that time. You and I can discuss any aspect of this assignment at your convenience (as much as you like). This is where most of our discussion will take place.

      Essay Response: A week prior to each exam, you will need to turn in essay reponses to specified questions. I will be sending them to you via e-mail and will also be posting these assignments on the Announcements Page . There will be three sets of questions during the semester and each set will be worth 30 points.

      WARNING: You must take the exams and quizzes during the scheduled time periods. If there is a reason that you cannot take the exams or quizzes during those times, you better be prepared to have the Detroit Symphony Orchestra do a fly-by over my house and have your dog stand on his head in order to explain yourself. You have to back up any excuses with major documentation.

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