June 2007


Hi Jose,

Units A,B,and C are all available now. It has been about a year since I taught this course online, so the references to current events are not up to date. I thought I would get them updated this week, but I was unable to get it done.

Here is what I would lke you to do. Instead of doing the journal, discussion or essay responses for Units A, B, and C, I would like you to update the lectures from Units B and C with current information. I don't expect you to put it into html format. You can just send me the text. If you feel that additional pages are needed, feel free to add them.

You don't need to update the lecture for Unit A. However, unit A will still be on Exam #1.

Here is how to proceed:

    1. Read through the lectures for Units B and C.

    2. Decide what links need to be updated or changed.

    3. Decide what current events are relavent and should be added.

    4. Find appropriate news items to link from the lecture.

    5. List all deletions from the lecture first (by page title).

    6. List all additions or changes to the lecture (by page title).

Please list these changes in the same order that they occur in the lecture.

Please let me know if you have questions. My e-mail is set to send you an auto-reply saying that I will be offline until August 3rd. Actually, I will be offline from 7/15 to 7/29. I will be returning to Port Huron after August 3rd.

Please be thinking about the location of you proctored exam (you must have a location where someone can watch you take the exam). I'm sorry to be so strict about this, but it has to be done. The test site must have access to the internet. Let's get the Exam and Map Quiz taken during the week of August 6-10, 2007.

Talk to you soon.