June 2007


Hi Everyone (Jose),

Welcome to the class!

Just a few items to get the ball rolling. My name is Bob Hunckler and you can call me Bob. Please e-mail or voice-mail me anytime of day or night. You can e-mail me at You can use the e-mail system through Educator and just click on my name OR you can e-mail me from your own e-mail browser. E-mail will get a much quicker response than voice-mail. My office phone number is 810-989-5750.

You can access the course material at two different websites and I don't really care which one you use. One requires a username and password and the other does not. Go to:

and click on one of the three globes at the top of the screen to enter the course.


Go to the SC4 Educator website ( and log on as you have been instructed with your username and password.

Be sure to read through the course syllabus so that you know what is required of you this semester. When I was a freshman in college, it was November before I knew what the syllabus was. It is very important that you read through it and understand it. I will respond to as many questions as you can send me. That's why I am here.

Exams and Map Quizzes must be taken on a computer in a proctored environment. We can discuss the details over e-mail.

You do not need to be a computer engineer to complete this course. I am not grading you on your computer expertise. I am grading you on your knowledge of geography. If any problems arise with the websites or with your computer, please notify me immediately so that we can work out the technical difficulties quickly and get back to learning geography.

I always get very excited about this course. We could study everything in the world, but we won't. I realize that the field of geography can seem never-ending. There will be definite boundaries on the course material and I will be as specific as I can to outline what it is you need to know for the Exams and Map Quizzes.

Again, whenever you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask.