Be sure to Click Here to review the exact format of the paper.

In your paper, you definitely want to include the details of our various visits (both days), but you'll also want to include the following:

A discussion of world population (present and future) and how that relates to sustainability. Go to the following link and click the NEXT button (about 12 times) to get about as much as you'll need:


A discussion of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG's) at:


Feel free to state if you disagree with any of the MDG's. There are parts that I question myself.

Coal info as discussed on the bus (9/26/14) at:


Again, e-mail your paper to me anytime before the deadline on 10/03/14 (at 11:59 p.m.).

Thanks for taking this class. I really enjoyed it all. The things we saw were astounding and uplifting. This is real stuff and we're not just playing games with global sustainability issues. What you and I do on a daily basis affects the world and everybody in it. If you ever start to think otherwise, come back to this website and remind yourself. This course website will be here for years to come.