Global Sustainability

Comments from 9/28/18


Just a few comments about our site visits on 9/28/18.

As I mentioned to you, if anyone wants to join my Earth Science class for a trip to the Smith's Creek landfill on October 29th or 30th, please let me know. We will be making three separate trips. You will need to provide your own transportation to the landfill, but you can join our group at the site. You can pick one of the following trips:

      Monday 10/29/18 from 12:00 noon to 2:50 p.m.
      Tuesday 10/30/18 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m.
      Tuesday 10/30/18 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:50 p.m.

The material recovery facility (MRF) that we saw in Southfield yesterday was certainly an eye opener. That was only 15% of the what we discard here in Michigan and it never stops. That is one of several MRF's in the area (although it is the largest).

There is a video of this facility taken in 2016 at the following URL:

Republic Services in Southfield Michigan (then called ReCommunity)

Photos and video of the MRF in New Boston, Michigan at:

Republic Services in New Boston Michigan (then called ReCommunity)

The Mass Transportation facility in Flint was also enlightening. Alice (designer of the fueling systems) mentioned that Port Huron also has buses that run on compressed natural gas. If a group of you ever wants to tour the bus facilities in Port Huron (on Lapeer), perhaps I can arrange that.

Here are some photos of the MTA in Flint from a previous visit:

MTA in Flint Michigan

Of course, our visit to The Chatfield School (Willows Earth Education Center) was astounding. Combining such lessons in our children's education seems like a no-brainer. Peter McCreedy said that he would be willing to do programs for any group if you want to arrange something with him. I have his contact info.

Here are some photos of the Willows Earth Education Center from 2016:

Willows Earth Education Center

Earth Oven (without a roof)

If you want to include anything about world population in your paper, feel free to look at the following link and click the NEXT button about 12 times. Wherever it says 7 billion, insert 7.5 billion:

World Population

Thanks for taking this class. I really enjoyed it all. The things we saw were astounding and uplifting. This is real stuff and we're not just playing games with global sustainability issues. What you and I do on a daily basis affects the world and everybody in it. Now that you are somewhat educated on these topics, you are a leader. Learn more and lead more! If you ever start to waiver, come back to this website and remind yourself of what you saw. This course website will be here for years to come.

I said this last week, but I will say it again. Imagine if someone living on earth 100 years from now had a better life because of something you said or did today. You don't have to be famous or rich to be successful. You don't have to write a book. Your everyday actions can have a tremendous impact. Go for it!